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First, I want to give a big thanks to Crafty Wonderland, everyone who came to Crafty Wonderland and to my friends who put me up for a couple of nights and who stopped by Crafty Wonderland to support me.   Thank you all soooo much.  It was an awesome time.  I came back with several new ideas for designs and possible products.  So hopefully if I can get into the Holiday show, you’ll see me again and with some new stuff!

Second, I know I have been a bit slow in posting recently.  A lot of it has to do with just being busy with work, Sunday Drive Designs and just trying to do things for me.  One thing that i have been working so very hard on is a new website.  One specifically for Sunday Drive Designs.  It is almost done.  But for now, you can check out what is up over here.  When it is all set and ready, I will be continue to post, but it will be over there instead of here.  I will eventually transfer everything from here to there, but for now, what’s up there is all I got.  Let me know what you think of the new site.  Keep in mind there’s still a few kinks to work out and few links to finish writing stuff for.  But the basic look and feel is all there.


There’s so much going on right now.  I’ll be at Crafty Wonderland in Portland Mother’s day Weekend – that’s next weekend folks.  So get your train, plane or fill up your gas tank and come on down!  Here’s their banner for more info:

I’ve also just restocked our supply of mermaid tshirts.  So now we should have your size.  But they go fast so don’t wait too long!  And new, just in time for Crafty Wonderland – bike shirts!  These are alternative apparel shirts.  They’re super soft and really comfy.  They do run small.

Here’s the woman’s shirt

and here’s the men’s version

And that’s all for now.  I’m off to get some last minute printing done.

This weekend started out with a bang!  I found out that I was accepted into the business groups program at WashingtonCASH.  I’m so thrilled to have gotten into this program.  It kinda lit a fire under my bum.  I was able to get into the studio on Saturday and I got a lot printed up.  I was able to get all the ties printed and I even got 2 new tea towel designs burned to screens and printed.   Here’s the first new design (the pink color is not that bright).

And here’s the close up with the quote from Julia Child

And here’s one for the bacon lovers

And the close up:

And today I decided that I would cook.  I haven’t really spent time to cook a whole lot recently.  I am currently using the slow cooker to make some easy peasy italian turkey sausage chili.  I also made 2 different types of pesto – a cilantro pesto and an italian parsley pesto.  I froze the one and I used the cilantro on some chicken and pasta.  And I’m currently snacking on some fresh baked kales chips that I also made today.

And with that, I’m off to take a nice relaxing bath 🙂

I got up kinda early this morning so that I could get a head start on the day and all the work I wanted to get done.  I went to Ikea.  And it was quite possibly the fastest Ikea trip I have ever done.  I was in and out within 20 minutes.  I then headed over to get more ink for printing and get gas in the car, and then back home to get back to work.  I decided that I would start with the ties.  By the time I finished I had about 20 ties done in less than an hour!  Here’s just a little sampling of the ties.

After I did the ties, started the water so I could tea stain some more fabric and then I got back to printing.  I printed up a few more towels.  Here’s one of the other designs.

Then I took a small break and made some pizza.  I know this week is going to be a busy one so I figured, why not whip up some pizza.  I did all this while watching the Superbowl (Way to go Packers)!   I got a bit tired of printing so I switched it up and got to work on a few more launder/care tag instruction cards.  I want to have a few cards that can be given to a guy.  So something not so feminine.  Which is where the two designs from yesterday came from.  Granted, the flowers are still a little girly, but what can I say…

So here’s the first design:

And here’s the other.  I kinda see this one more for little kids, or those of us who haven’t grown up yet 🙂

So as you can see it was a pretty busy weekend.  I only hope my work week isn’t as busy!  Next weekend is the Valentine’s Day show, so all of this new product will appear in my etsy store after the show.

Today was one busy day!  First I started the day off by wishing my Dad a happy birthday.  After that, it was right to work.  I had burned a few screens a while back and the plan was to use them on the tea towels.  So today was the day to get some of the printing done.  Here’s just two of the designs:

and here’s the other design

I also wanted to design a couple new launder/care tag instruction cards.  Something that was a bit more modern in style.  I came up with two designs.  Not sure if I like them yet.  I plan on doing one or two more designs and going from there.

Here’s the first design:

and here’s the second:

Here’s hoping tomorrow is just as productive!

First let me start by saying, Facebook is not my favorite but I find myself checking it often…  And being a business owner and wanting to get my business name out there and get some fans on facebook and try and pick up some sales.  I took me a bit of time but I finally figured out how to finally get my facebook page to not be so flipping long.  If you have a facebook account, want don’t you hop on over to the Sunday Drive Designs Fan page and become a fan!  The part I can’t seem to figure out is getting this blog to be seen on the Sunday Drive Designs fan page.  I followed all their directions and I get some doofy error message saying, ” Import Failed. We couldn’t find a feed using the URL you provided.”  What does that mean?  If anyone out there can help me figure this out, I will be eternally grateful.

Aside from that, my Washington CASH business class is going really well.  It’s been a huge help and I feel like I’m getting a much better understanding of the things that i need to do or hand off to someone else to do, to become a business that has staying power.  This week’s homework has me figuring out the cost of goods and such.  It’s something that I think I needed to really focus on and I just never did.  Probably because I was afraid that I was really charging way too little for what I was doing.  There were two other things that really stand out as something that I need to keep reminding myself:

  1. I am the CEO. I can make whatever decisions for my business that I feel are right for the business.
  2. My time is worth nothing.  Meaning I should not be factoring in my time into the cost of goods.  Sounds contrary to what all other books say, but for what I do, my time shouldn’t be factored into it.

I’m also working hard on some new products and designs.  And here’s just a little taste.

I’ll also be at the 1st Annual Valentine’s Day Artisan Sale on Feb 12th from noon to 4 at Cascade People’s Center, South Lake Union, 309 Pontius Avenue North, Seattle, WA.  You should be there too!

I love my computer.  I have an ibook g4.  We have been thru a lot together.  But for some reason, Steve Jobs has said that my poor little ibook is now going to be obsolete.  So I have to get a new computer in order to be able to keep up and use the accounting software I need to use.  I wasn’t really thinking I was going to be buying a new computer anytime soon.  I was planning on some time next year.  Unfortunately, or fortunately it was today.

At the new year I was chatting with my aunt about the upcoming yarn train and saying that I was probably not going to spend a whole lot of money on yarn.  And that I was thinking that I would save my yarn money and buy a new computer.  Well, being the aunt that she is, she sent me some money… for yarn and for the computer.  Today I finally bit the bullet and bought the new computer.  Let me just say this.  That was one tough”process order” button to push for two reasons.  One – that was a lot of money.  And two – I love my ibook.  But I believe my ibook will now have a better life as my “internet surfing in bed computer.”  And let’s be honest, it might still get more use than the new computer 🙂

I ended up buying a refurbished iMac from Apple.  After talking to a couple of people that I know, know there computer and mac stuff, I felt confident that it would be a good deal.  I still get the same warranty that I would have got with the brand new iMac, I just paid $200 less.  So I feel a little better about that.  That and I don’t feel like I need to give Steve Jobs any more money than is absolutely necessary.  He’s made enough off of me over the years.  I don’t think that $200 is gonna rob him of the lifestyle that he and his family have grown accustom to.  It will however rob me of a few things.  I’m just sayin… Come on Steve!  Can’t we drop the price a smidge on your computers?  Whatever happened to the “computers should be affordable to everyone” philosophy?  Sorry about that.  Let’s get back to talking about the computer and not how much I hate paying large amounts of money for something that I could probably get cheaper if I used a pc.

For all you Apple geeks here’s the specs on my iMac:

  • 21.5-inch LED-backlit glossy widescreen display
  • 4GB memory
  • 500GB hard drive
  • 3.06 GHz Intel Core i3 processor
  • 8x SuperDrive (DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)
  • ATI Radeon HD 4670 graphics with 256MB memory
  • Built-in iSight camera (mom this means that if we want to video skype, we can use dad’s mac book to talk.  Or probably more likely Kink will have her own Kitty webcam.)
Now I just need to get a new desk to hold it.  I may end up making something out of something else.  I don’t have a huge amount of space.  I think a lot of the manufacturers seem to think people have a ton of space for a full sized desk for their computers.  Either that, or they think everyone has a laptop.  And since I’m such a crafty dork, I think I might sew a little cover for it.  Kinda like a sewing machine cover for my computer.  I like the being able to “put the computer away” when I’m done with it.
So thank you Aunt Marilyn!  My ibook may be a bit upset with you, but I love you and thank you!  And if Kink starts some strange kitty webcam, I’m going to send her off to you for rehabilitation.
And while on the subject of purchases, I also bought a couple of screens so that I can get some new designs rolling.  I also bought some tea towels to print on.  I would like to get some of the flour sack towels too.  I have an idea for more manly themed towels.  And I don’t think most guys will go for the stripes of the ones that I purchased.  Since I spent a fair amount of cash today.  Perhaps I’ll hold off on those until next paycheck 🙂
Tomorrow night I’ll be attending an Accounting for Small Business workshop sponsored by the Grassroots Business Association.  I’m currently not a member (refer to the computer purchase about as to why I’m not a currently not member).  I’ll let you know how it was when I process all the information they give us 🙂

I got some,well not just good news, but great news today.  I was accepted into the Washington CASH 8 week Business Development Class.  I can’t tell you how excited I am!  It’s on yarn train level excitement.  The class starts in two weeks.  I need to go and get some back to school clothes! 🙂

Along with trying to get some business goals written down for the new year, I’m also thinking about my knitting goals for the new year.  So I’m trying to pick out roughly 12 patterns to do over the next 12 months.  Here’s my list of patterns and projects.

  1. Faverolle
  2. Aidez ( I know I said I would never do anything thing with this many cables, but for some reason, this just looks soooo comfy and I just couldn’t pass it up).
  3. Monkey (while the name says Monkey, these are actually socks with a cool pattern)
  4. Wedge (another sock pattern)
  5. Terra
  6. Guernsey (After reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, I want to go to Guernsey!)
  7. Juneberry Triangle (can you tell I love Jared Flood?)
  8. Buttercup
  9. maybe some Pigs with Wigs for Aunt Nancy
  10. And a few monsters or dogs and cats from Rebecca Danger (since the first couple that I made only took a weekend, I can probably make a few)
  11. mittens that I promised a friend I would have for him for next winter with a “fornicating deer” pattern on them.  Hey, he wanted the design.  I’m just the one knitting them.
  12. Australorp
  13. Girasole (this one will probably take several years)
  14. And a shawl pattern of my own creation.

And of course, try and finish a few things that are almost done, but for some reason, I put them aside and totally forgot about them.

Sunday Drive Designs will be here.  Will you?

Sorry I haven’t been writing too much recently.  I’ve been coming home and trying to get more products made so I have enough for the craft fairs that I’m in.  Or at least I think I’m in.  I know I’ll be at the Greenlake Community Center on the 18th of December for the Kooterville Bizarre Bazaar.  I’m still not sure (and at this point, I’m thinking I didn’t make it in) about the DIY Holiday craft fair at the Vera Project.

I’ve been screen printing, sewing and building displays for the show.  On top of it all, it snowed last Monday afternoon and the city shut down for the rest of the evening and well into Tuesday.  I couldn’t get to work on Tuesday and on Wednesday I had to take the bus to work because I couldn’t get my car down and back up my hill because of the ice.  Here’s a picture of the drive on Monday morning.

And here’s what Tuesday looked like from the window by my sewing machine.

And on Tuesday I was so busy working on product that I completely forgot to post to say that I was featured on Earmarks blog for Etsy Tuesday!  Thanks so much Elizabeth for featuring me.  I really appreciate it!  And check out her Etsy site.  She’s got some incredible product.

Here’s a few things that I did while I was “snowed in.”  How about a custom tie?

Or how about a button down shirt that’s not so button down?

Fortunately for me, the ice melted by Thanksgiving and I was able to spend the holiday with good friends.  They’re like my Seattle family.  It’s always nice to be considered a part of the family when my family is all the way across the country.

The rest of the holiday weekend I spent trying to get deals for stuff to make more product and then making more product.  And i also got an early Christmas present in the form of a new rolling kitchen island from my parents.  It was the gift that kept on giving because it took me about 3 hours to put it together.  But once it was altogether it was worth all the swearing.

I did a fair amount of sewing this weekend.  Here’s the new design for the sachets – the beehive.

I also decided to do a few more of the shrinky dink pendants.  They still need to be coated with the resin but here’s the lot of them.

The bits that look like confetti, those are lace knitting stitch markers.  There’s patterns that make you cast on a couple hundred stitches at the start.  After casting on and losing track of how many stitches I had already cast on, I decided to make numbered stitch markers.  So the stitch markers start at 25 and go up in increments of 25.  I also made some that go up in increments of 20.  It’s easy to keep track of 20 or 25 stitches, it’s much harder to keep track of 200.

And on that note, I’m heading to bed.  I’ve got an early day tomorrow.  For some reason I haven’t won the powerball yet.  So I guess I should continue to go to the day job until I actually win.


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