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Last night it snowed.  This statement might not seem like a big deal but around here, it is.  It rarely snows.  Rain, yes.  Snow, not really.  Snow shuts the city down for a couple of reasons.  The big reason is that we are second only to San Francisco as one of the hilly-est cities in the US.  If you’ve ever driven in SF when it sunny and dry out.  Now try and picture driving there when it’s rainy, freezing and snowing.  It’s not pretty.  When it snows it’s like we all get a snow day.  Unfortunately for those of us who were hoping for that, we found out that Seattle was prepared for the snow and the commute to work was easy going.  I was hoping to be able to make more cavatelli.  And speaking of cavatelli, I took some photos of Sunday’s cavatelli making.

First, here’s my cavatelli maker, set up and ready to go:

And here’s a quick shot of a dough before becoming cavatelli

This time I made semolina pasta dough.  I think I may try the ricotta dough and see if it goes thru the cavatelli maker or if it will stick.

And here’s the trays of finished cavatelli. They kinda look a little like worms…ewwwww.  Fortunately, they don’t taste like worms.  I ended up with about 2 pounds of cavatelli after all was said and done.

And since I’m talking about food at the moment here’s a shot of the Bella Donna olive mix I got at Big John’s PFI.  They’re amazing good.

And one more food shot and amazing tasting food.  Here’s the chicken shawarma sandwich and greek fries from Mawadda Cafe.

OK, that’s enough food talk.  Today when I got home there was a package for me from my “have a cuppa swap” partner.  This swap was all about yarn and coffee/tea/hot chocolate.  And my swap partner did not disappoint!

It was a great way to come home and unwind!

She sent me some coffee from a local coffee shop and a coffee cup that I have been lusting after for some time now.  The front of the cup says, “You must allow me to tell you,” and the back says…

It’s from Brookish and it’s Mr. Darcy’s botched proposal to Elizabeth Bennet!  I am so excited that she got it for me!  And to add to my excitement, there was candy, and lots of it!  There were 2 packages of licorice (my favorite) and some local artisan chocolates from Chocolate Madness.  I’ll admit that I broke into the chocolates well before I remembered to take a picture of everything.  It was worth it. The creme brulee was inspiring!

And finally, the yarn.  It’s bugga sock yarn by The Sanquine Gryphon.  It’s almost like a washed demin color.  I can’t wait to make some socks of out it!

And now that all that is taken care of, I’m off to do some knitting, drink some coffee and eat some candy!


Yesterday was the yarn train.  While it was beyond raining in Portland, it was still fun.  I went down to Portland with a group of friends and had to split from them as soon as we go there.  I was on a mission and I was also planning on meeting some friends.  So I set out, the first stop for me was Knit-Purl.  All I wanted was some of the Brooklyn Tweed Yarn by Jared Flood.  And one of his patterns.  And I scored!  I picked up 5 skeins of Shelter in the colorway Button Jar and the Guernsey Wrap pattern.  FYI – If you ever want to get me some yarn, I can always use some Shelter…

Here’s the glamour shot:

Then it was off to Twisted.  This might be my new favorite Portland yarn shop.  I spent the most money here and for good reason.

I seem to have only bought sock yarn here.  I had planned to buy 3 skeins but then one little skein just called to me.  I went there to get A Verb for Keeping Warm yarn (which I got.  It’s Annapurna and the colorway is Transitional Fury). PS – Aunt Nancy, they have a retail location in Oakland… if you’re ever in Oakland 🙂

Then I also wanted to pick up some Black Trillium sock yarn for me and a friend back east.  I absolutely fell in love with the colors.  I bought two skeins of the BFL sock (that’s blue faced leicester wool, for those non fiber folks).  The top color is Merlot (that’s one is for my friend) and Claret (that one is all mine).  It’s so soft and I can’t wait to use it to make the Monkey socks.

And just when I was ready to leave, there it was. The skein of wool yarn that will soon become my warehouse work socks.  The yarn is called Tracie in the Cocoa Heather colorway and it’s from a company called Imperial Stock Ranch Wool.  It is so lovely and wonderful.

Then it was off to Happy Knits for my last yarn purchase of the day.  It may sound a little ocd, but after the first year of going to Portland on the yarn train, I learned that I needed to plan out what yarn I wanted to buy and how much I needed.  And then plan out the route to the stores.  Otherwise you spend a lot of extra money on yarn that you have no idea what you are going to do with it and a lot of time in transit between the stores.  That’s not to say you can’t buy other stuff, I just find it helps keep me on budget and on track with my knitting projects.

I made it over to Happy Knits to buy my 3 skeins of Cascade Eco so I could make my Aidez. When i got there they only had 2 skeins of the color I wanted but the staff was so friendly and helpful that they ended up finding one more skein in the color I wanted!  Thanks Happy Knit!

Then it was off to Powell’s City of Books.  I walked away relatively unscathed.  I only bought 3 books.  One knitting book and 2 Georgette Heyer novels – all bought used, of course!

And then it was off to meet up with a friend.  We grabbed some coffee, did a quick swing thru Dublin Bay Knitting, but by the time I got there, it was pretty well picked over.  I suppose that was good for me.  I didn’t have any more room in my bags or need any more yarn!   Then it was off to pizza at Hot Lips in the Pearl District.  I love there pizza.  Unfortunately someone else got to the last pieces of hazelnut, broccoli and squash pizza before I did.  I suppose it didn’t really matter, I really love their pizza.  And after that my friend and I walked to the train station, where she took the bus home and I took the train back.  All in all it was a good, but really soggy day.  Thanks Portland!  Thanks Snohomish Knitters Guild for putting this all together.  And extra special thank yous to the yarn shops!  See you in August for Sock Summit!

Whoops!  I forgot about showing the bags that we got and all the goodies in it!  So here it is:

I got some,well not just good news, but great news today.  I was accepted into the Washington CASH 8 week Business Development Class.  I can’t tell you how excited I am!  It’s on yarn train level excitement.  The class starts in two weeks.  I need to go and get some back to school clothes! 🙂

Along with trying to get some business goals written down for the new year, I’m also thinking about my knitting goals for the new year.  So I’m trying to pick out roughly 12 patterns to do over the next 12 months.  Here’s my list of patterns and projects.

  1. Faverolle
  2. Aidez ( I know I said I would never do anything thing with this many cables, but for some reason, this just looks soooo comfy and I just couldn’t pass it up).
  3. Monkey (while the name says Monkey, these are actually socks with a cool pattern)
  4. Wedge (another sock pattern)
  5. Terra
  6. Guernsey (After reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, I want to go to Guernsey!)
  7. Juneberry Triangle (can you tell I love Jared Flood?)
  8. Buttercup
  9. maybe some Pigs with Wigs for Aunt Nancy
  10. And a few monsters or dogs and cats from Rebecca Danger (since the first couple that I made only took a weekend, I can probably make a few)
  11. mittens that I promised a friend I would have for him for next winter with a “fornicating deer” pattern on them.  Hey, he wanted the design.  I’m just the one knitting them.
  12. Australorp
  13. Girasole (this one will probably take several years)
  14. And a shawl pattern of my own creation.

And of course, try and finish a few things that are almost done, but for some reason, I put them aside and totally forgot about them.

Tonight after work I stopped at my favorite store – Goodwill.  I spent last night trying to come up with cool but cheap ways to display my products for a craft fair.  I immediately went to ebay and found some really cool magazine racks and all sorts of other things.  I thought I would display the prints in a cool looking magazine rack or perhaps one of those wire record holders (remember records?).  The tshirts, since they are color specific by design, I would roll them up and tie a tag around them saying the size and then put those into an old suitcase or traincase.  The jewelry stuff, I thought I could find a cool wire sculpture or something to hang them off of.

So I started my search and found all of the things that I needed and a few other bits as well.

Jewelry display – check.

A super cute little bird cage – $2.99

Train case – check.

it’s a cool deep blue with little metallic flecks in it – $5.99.

Magazine rack – Check.

Last night while looking around ebay, I found the same one for $10 or more.  I got this one for $2.99.

Wire record rack – check.

Again, I saw similar ones last night for around $10.  I got this one for $1.99.  Now the question is, which display do we like better?

Fabric cover for the table – check.

I found these super cute sheets. The red striped one was $4.99 and the red one was $3.99 but because it was a pink tag it was only $1.29.

Then because I’ve been looking for one for a bit, I picked up a sifter, kinda like the one that grandma had… but a little smaller.

Again the tag said $2.99 but because it was a pink tag, I got it for $1.29.

And since I was on a roll, I decided to swing thru the sweaters.  I found a great sweater for $5.99.  I don’t know who keeps donating these sweaters (by Tiara International), but I want to thank you.  I now have 4 Tiara International sweaters.  All were bought at Goodwill and I love all of them.

Grand total – $30 and change after taxes.

Yesterday I finally got my new glasses. I say finally because it took me almost 3 years to get back into the doctor’s office to get my eyes examined. I picked out two new sets of frames.  Here they are.

The top pair are actually kids frames.  I know, probably not something to brag about, but they were much cheaper than the bottom pair – the Ralph Lauren, Chaps line that were on sale for $40 off.

Last week, on Wednesday I started knitting Annis, a small shawlette/scarf.  I apparently needed to take my mind off the week because I finished it up on Sunday.  Here’s a few shots of it (it’s not blocked yet).  Unfortunately the color is a bit off.  The blue is a bit more teal.  It’s a much prettier color than what was photographed.

and here’s a detail shot.

This weekend was spent sewing.  Along with a few other chores.  Actually I finally got my eyes examined.  It’s been about 3 years since the last time I went.  Besides it being way too overdue, I’ve been wearing glasses from 10 years ago.  So I picked up two new pairs of glasses.  My last pair broke while I was at work… when a box fell on my head and my kick ass Michael Kors glasses took the brunt of the fall.

After getting that taken care of, I spent the rest of Saturday sewing.  I made about 10 little owl sachets.  So by Saturday evening there was a small flock of owls in my house!

I also finished all the pieces for mom’s sweater.  I’m hoping to be able to block it all tomorrow after work so I can start putting it together!

This morning I had to run out to pick up more supplies for more owl sachets.  Then it was off to knitting. For some reason I could not get going with my next knitting project.  So I headed home and got back to sewing.  I made 5 more owl sachets and then 5 catnip toys.  These catnip toys have 1/2 cup of catnip in each one!  I could barely keep my cat away from the sewing machine long enough to sew them up!

The catnip toy and the sachets are up at the etsy store right now!

First, Happy Halloween everyone!

This was the first year in a long time that I haven’t carved a pumpkin.  I guess I was just so busy that I forgot about it.  This weekend I had a small photo shoot thanks to Jim Clark.  He’s awesome.  Hire him.

Here’s the top two that I plan on using for my press kit.

and this one

I guess I feel if I can put a face to a company or small business, I’m more likely to buy from them.  And I’m hoping that other people feel the same way.

Thanks Jim for putting up with me not being the best of models.  I’m not too comfortable having my picture taken.

I also did a little product making.  Or test products really.  I did a little redesigning of the cat toys and used some “high test” cat nip.  I made two for my product testers and put them in my bag.  I went to go brush my teeth and when I came back I found half a cat in my bag.  Apparently Kink seems to think that anything with cat nip is hers. Here’s a shot of the redesigned toy.

I decided to use the pinking shears to fancy up the edges.  The fabric is also tea stained, to give it a more vintage feel.  I also made a sachet out of the same material and filled it with cedar chips, lavender, and clove buds.  The smell of lavender and cedar can be a bit overwhelming but when thrown together they seem to mellow each other out and the clove adds a nice autumn scent to it all.

I did the same treatment to the fabric (tea stained) and the pinking shears edging and just added a ribbon loop at the top so you can hang it in your closet.

I also had a few minutes on Saturday night to work on mom’s sweater.  One sleeve down and one more to go.  Once the second sleeve is done, it’s off to be blocked and then seamed up, knit the collar and it’s all done.  Ok, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, but I can see the finish line on this one.

And now it’s time to give my full attention to Sherlock Holmes.  If you haven’t watched the PBS updated version of Sherlock, you should be watching it.  It’s really well done.

Unfortunately Sunday Drive Designs hasn’t taken off to the point where I can call this my full time job.  So I have to get ready for another winter of a super chilly warehouse.  That means I’m looking for cute, easy and fast knitting patterns for hats, mittens and fingerless gloves.  Heck I might even knit up some seriously warm worsted weight wool socks if it comes to it! So if anyone has any ideas for hats, mittens, fingerless gloves and even a scarf or cowl pattern, send it my way, please!

I’ve also just finished the right front piece of mom’s sweater and I’m hoping to have the left front piece done this weekend.  And after that it’s all about the sleeves and piecing it all together.

I was planning on blogging last week, but midway thru the week I got a nasty cold.  Fortunately after a day of non stop sleeping and another day of sleeping and knitting, I feel much better.  But I’ve got a lot to catch you up on!

Mom’s sweater is coming along nicely.  I’ve finished the biggest part of it – the back piece.

It’s moving much faster now that the back is done.  I realized that I need to knit something that has some shaping or is challenging.  This is what I call tv watching knitting. I can do it without even thinking.  Now that I think about it, that’s not bad.

I also had a run to Goodwill – my favorite place.  I promised a friend a cake or pie (her choice) as her bday present.  And today I finally got around to making it. Whenever I make a pie or cake or anything like that to take to a friend, I will always make a trip to Goodwill to pick up a cheap plate or platter to put what I make on it.  This way I never have to worry about getting my plate back.  This time I grabbed a large plate and put the Honey Bee Cake on it.  Complete with albino honey bees 🙂  I didn’t have time or food coloring to be able to color them.

This is the second time I’ve made this cake and I gotta say it’s a huge hit.  And it’s so incredibly sweet and it’s really dense.  When I cut the cake up, it was almost like I was cutting thru a frozen ice cream cake!

Of course, when I’m at Goodwill I have to look for other hidden treasures.  I always give myself a price limit and a total cost limit.  I scored big this time around.  I went to the books and found this beautiful little book called From Friend to Friend.  I believe the whole book was letterpressed.  Or it was printed on one really old press.

All the pages have this beautiful floral design at the top and bottom of the page in a purple-ish color.

Here’s a closer look

It’s just a beautiful book and it only cost me a dollar!

I also picked up a couple of sweaters.  One is an REI sweater that I got for $5 and it’ super lightweight but warm.  Perfect for fall.

The second sweater is a Land’s End cardigan 100% wool.  Also perfect for fall.  It has a hole in the pocket, and a small hole in the back.  Both are easy fixes for me.  Worst case, I felt the hole in the back… and no one will be any wiser!

And the last sweater I got was a sweater by Tiara.  I have 3 other sweaters by this company that I also picked up at Goodwill and I love them.

I also picked up a pin that I’ll be using for a sweater closure.  When I was back east, I was saying that I wanted to knit up the Traveling Sweater by Blue Moon Fiber.  Mom and I went to Ross and there it was!  The same sweater, in much lighter yarn.  But it was the Traveling Sweater!  Mom ended up picking it up for me.  I get tons of compliments on it every time I wear it.  I just felt like I needed something to keep it closed if I wanted to wear it closed instead of opened.  I thought a cute little pin would do the trick.  At first I thought something a little flashy with rhinestones and such, but then I found this

And just fell in love with it.  I’ll still keep my eye out for a flashy one, for when I want to dress it up.

That was it for Goodwill.  At least for this weekend 🙂

I pulled down some of my yarn this weekend looking for something to make a cowl with.  I’m hoping the cowl will keep me warm this winter in the warehouse.  So I pulled out the yarn that my sister from another country  (Mel) sent me.  I love this yarn and I’ve been waiting for the right thing to use it on.  And I think I might use it for the Destroyed Cowl.  I know, it doesn’t sound good, but it’s pretty darn cool looking when you wrap it twice and I think it will look great in this yarn.

I also went to the EtsyRain pre holiday show.  It was a great show.  I’m sad that I decided not to apply to get into the show.   They had a ton of great vendors and I wish I had a ton of more money to spend on all the good stuff that was there!  I did walk away with some lollipops from the wonderful folks at This Charming Candy.  Thank you for keeping me all sugared up!

Today was the Cascade warehouse tour and sale.  It was insane.  I bought some yarn that I needed for a future project.  I bought the usual Cascade 220 – but this time it’s superwash! So you can throw it in the washer!  It’s color number 860.  I think I was one of the few who got out of there without having to remortgage the house.  There were woman who were walking out of there with 2 garbage bags full of yarn.  The one thing I thought about was that this would have been a great opportunity to save up some serious money, then plan out all your knitting for the year, and buy the yarn all in one shot.  I have a feeling that that was not how most of the ladies went into this sale.  After awhile I found myself wandering around looking for something else to buy.  And I didn’t need anything else.  So that’s when I stopped running around and left with the $50 of yarn that I had planned for.  All in all it was great fun.  And any time Cascade wants to open up their warehouse, I’m there.

I know it’s Seattle and I may never need this but, I really love this pattern.  It’s genius and I’m thinking about going thru my stash to find yarn so I can knit it.  I think I might wear it on the flight back east for Christmas time.  Maybe my parents won’t even recognize me at the airport.

Today was a long day at work.  We had a 20 foot container come in that needed to be unloaded.  Since the guy I work with was in the middle of a cold, I told him that I would load stuff onto pallets and he could forklift them away.  All 335 boxes were about 12-30lbs. The bulk of the container was the 30lb boxes.  I was feeling it after we got done. Perhaps I shouldn’t have done the 45 minute run yesterday.  Oh well.  At least I’ll sleep well tonight and I’ll be rested for my run tomorrow.

Thanks to my sweater drafting class and now the yarn substitutions class that I’m taking I’m trying to figure out how to modify and update the sizing on some of the vintage knitting patterns I have.  Looks like I’ll have something to keep me busy this winter.


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