First, I want to give a big thanks to Crafty Wonderland, everyone who came to Crafty Wonderland and to my friends who put me up for a couple of nights and who stopped by Crafty Wonderland to support me.   Thank you all soooo much.  It was an awesome time.  I came back with several new ideas for designs and possible products.  So hopefully if I can get into the Holiday show, you’ll see me again and with some new stuff!

Second, I know I have been a bit slow in posting recently.  A lot of it has to do with just being busy with work, Sunday Drive Designs and just trying to do things for me.  One thing that i have been working so very hard on is a new website.  One specifically for Sunday Drive Designs.  It is almost done.  But for now, you can check out what is up over here.  When it is all set and ready, I will be continue to post, but it will be over there instead of here.  I will eventually transfer everything from here to there, but for now, what’s up there is all I got.  Let me know what you think of the new site.  Keep in mind there’s still a few kinks to work out and few links to finish writing stuff for.  But the basic look and feel is all there.