Today I went down to Tacoma this morning to hit the Madrona Fiber Arts Marketplace.  Thankfully I kept my spending in check.  If I didn’t, it was going get ugly.  I did a quick walk thru first to see what was where and who has what.  Then it was time to dive in and get to it.  I immediately went to Lollipop Cabin.  As Ialiuxh, says her yarns are “400 yards of organic wool sock yarn. Each skein is one-of-a-kind, individually hand-dyed in a wee little cabin with collected rain water from the Pacific Northwest Cascade Mountains.” Her yarns are so yummy and the colors are so amazing.  And she’s super nice.  So it makes buying yarn from her worth it!  Then I wandered around a little more and I stopped at Black Water Abbey Yarns.  I couldn’t tear myself away from their yarns.  Marilyn and her crew import their yarn from Ireland and it is incredible.  I ended up walking away with 2 skeins of their fingering weight yarn.  But I will admit that I almost called my parents to ask them to refinance their house so I could buy all of their yarn and patterns to go with it.  So just in case you wanted to see the yarns that I bought, here’s the photo:

Toots LeBlanc & Co had the most beautiful and softest sweater I have ever seen.  It was the Kelmscott pattern and I wish I had asked what yarn of theirs they used for it because then I would have had my parents refinance the house so I could buy all of that yarn.  After drooling for a few minutes over the sweater, I moved on.  I ended up at the Rain Shadow Yarn booths.  She uses all natural dyes and the colors she gets are just amazing.  I may have to try dying some muslin for the sachets with some natural dye combinations other than tea.  I also went to the Habu booth.  They just have too many unusual yarns that I just get overwhelmed and can’t decide.  I also decided that since they are so nice if you email or call, that if I did find something of theirs that I couldn’t live without, I’d still be able to get it.

After my friend and I had had enough yarn shopping, we headed back home and grabbed lunch at Mawadda Cafe.  I had never eaten there before. I’ll probably be heading there tomorrow for dinner.  I’m normally not a big fan of middle eastern food, but this was hands down, one of the best lunches I’ve ever had.  We got the chicken shawarma sandwiches (spicy to order) and greek fries.  After we finished eating and went up to the counter to pay, the owner and chef, gave me a sample of their fresh hot chai tea.  If they were open in the morning on my way to work, I would stop there grab my lunch and a chai to go.  And everyone there was really friendly and nice.

And, of course I had to do a Goodwill run this past week and I hit the jackpot again!  I got yet another irish aran knit sweater for $8.  It’s been so cold here that I’ve worn it almost every day.  It was the best $8 I ever spent.  Then I decided to hit the “craft section” of Goodwill.  Occasionally I find some good stuff.  This was one of those times.  I found, what I think is Zephyr lace weight yarn.  I got 6 cakes of this for $3!  Here’s the picture of 2 of the cakes before I put them all in the freezer, to get rid of possible moths.

And lastly I went to Big John’s PFI today to pick up semolina flour (75 cents a lb, so I got 3 lbs) so I can test out my cavatelli maker that I got for Christmas.  I also picked up some amazing olives while I was there.  In case you plan on a trip there, I got their Bella Donna mix. And check out the cheese library.  And I think the next time decide to make pizza I will head down there and pick up some Molino Caputo Tipo 00 Pizza Flour.  I wish they were open on Sundays so I can go back and get some more olives.  Oh well.  There’s alway next weekend!