I got some,well not just good news, but great news today.  I was accepted into the Washington CASH 8 week Business Development Class.  I can’t tell you how excited I am!  It’s on yarn train level excitement.  The class starts in two weeks.  I need to go and get some back to school clothes! 🙂

Along with trying to get some business goals written down for the new year, I’m also thinking about my knitting goals for the new year.  So I’m trying to pick out roughly 12 patterns to do over the next 12 months.  Here’s my list of patterns and projects.

  1. Faverolle
  2. Aidez ( I know I said I would never do anything thing with this many cables, but for some reason, this just looks soooo comfy and I just couldn’t pass it up).
  3. Monkey (while the name says Monkey, these are actually socks with a cool pattern)
  4. Wedge (another sock pattern)
  5. Terra
  6. Guernsey (After reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, I want to go to Guernsey!)
  7. Juneberry Triangle (can you tell I love Jared Flood?)
  8. Buttercup
  9. maybe some Pigs with Wigs for Aunt Nancy
  10. And a few monsters or dogs and cats from Rebecca Danger (since the first couple that I made only took a weekend, I can probably make a few)
  11. mittens that I promised a friend I would have for him for next winter with a “fornicating deer” pattern on them.  Hey, he wanted the design.  I’m just the one knitting them.
  12. Australorp
  13. Girasole (this one will probably take several years)
  14. And a shawl pattern of my own creation.

And of course, try and finish a few things that are almost done, but for some reason, I put them aside and totally forgot about them.