I know it’s been awhile since we’ve talked.  It’s nothing personal.  It was the holidays and time just slipped away from me.  Let me catch you up on what’s been going on with me.

Where to begin?  Well, I was silk screening like a mad woman.  I did a couple of craft fairs the 2 weeks before Christmas.  It was a great experience.  I was able to see what products were a hit and what ones I might have to get rid of.  The surprising big hit was the Victorian Bicyclist tie.  Here’s the group that are left from the craft fairs.

and here’s a close up look at the tie.

I also printed this image on men’s button down shirts – a few dressier shirts and a few laid back shirts.  Unfortunately I didn’t really have a great way to display them so I don’t think they sold as well as they should have (or could have).

Here’s a quick shot of the dress shirt:

and here’s a shot of the not so dress shirt, shirt:

I also did a couple of ties with origami cranes on them, but they didn’t seem to sell like the Victorian bicyclist did.

Even though it didn’t sell as well as the bicyclist, I still really love the origami crane.

Then once the craft fairs were done, it was time to fly back east and celebrate the holidays with my family.  It was good to spend time with my family.  It keeps getting harder and harder to fly back to Seattle.  And we got a white Christmas!  (Ok, a day late and not nearly as much snow as down state!)

And now that I’m back, I’m on to creating a few more designs, getting more business and hopefully moving Sunday Drive Designs on to bigger and better things in the New Year!  The first big thing for Sunday Drive Designs, in 2011 is that we will have a small sample of our care instruction gift tags in the Seattle to Portland Yarn train bag that was available for purchase with the ticket to the train.  I believe around a 130 bags were purchased!  So hopefully the folks who purchased the bags will become fans of Sunday Drive Designs.  Of course, I’ll be on the yarn train to Portland, armed with samples for all the yarn stores in Portland.  I wouldn’t want them to feel left out 🙂

I believe that’s the full rundown for now.  I hope you’re not too mad at me for not keeping in touch.  But as you can see I was a bit busy.