Sorry I haven’t been writing too much recently.  I’ve been coming home and trying to get more products made so I have enough for the craft fairs that I’m in.  Or at least I think I’m in.  I know I’ll be at the Greenlake Community Center on the 18th of December for the Kooterville Bizarre Bazaar.  I’m still not sure (and at this point, I’m thinking I didn’t make it in) about the DIY Holiday craft fair at the Vera Project.

I’ve been screen printing, sewing and building displays for the show.  On top of it all, it snowed last Monday afternoon and the city shut down for the rest of the evening and well into Tuesday.  I couldn’t get to work on Tuesday and on Wednesday I had to take the bus to work because I couldn’t get my car down and back up my hill because of the ice.  Here’s a picture of the drive on Monday morning.

And here’s what Tuesday looked like from the window by my sewing machine.

And on Tuesday I was so busy working on product that I completely forgot to post to say that I was featured on Earmarks blog for Etsy Tuesday!  Thanks so much Elizabeth for featuring me.  I really appreciate it!  And check out her Etsy site.  She’s got some incredible product.

Here’s a few things that I did while I was “snowed in.”  How about a custom tie?

Or how about a button down shirt that’s not so button down?

Fortunately for me, the ice melted by Thanksgiving and I was able to spend the holiday with good friends.  They’re like my Seattle family.  It’s always nice to be considered a part of the family when my family is all the way across the country.

The rest of the holiday weekend I spent trying to get deals for stuff to make more product and then making more product.  And i also got an early Christmas present in the form of a new rolling kitchen island from my parents.  It was the gift that kept on giving because it took me about 3 hours to put it together.  But once it was altogether it was worth all the swearing.

I did a fair amount of sewing this weekend.  Here’s the new design for the sachets – the beehive.

I also decided to do a few more of the shrinky dink pendants.  They still need to be coated with the resin but here’s the lot of them.

The bits that look like confetti, those are lace knitting stitch markers.  There’s patterns that make you cast on a couple hundred stitches at the start.  After casting on and losing track of how many stitches I had already cast on, I decided to make numbered stitch markers.  So the stitch markers start at 25 and go up in increments of 25.  I also made some that go up in increments of 20.  It’s easy to keep track of 20 or 25 stitches, it’s much harder to keep track of 200.

And on that note, I’m heading to bed.  I’ve got an early day tomorrow.  For some reason I haven’t won the powerball yet.  So I guess I should continue to go to the day job until I actually win.