Tonight after work I stopped at my favorite store – Goodwill.  I spent last night trying to come up with cool but cheap ways to display my products for a craft fair.  I immediately went to ebay and found some really cool magazine racks and all sorts of other things.  I thought I would display the prints in a cool looking magazine rack or perhaps one of those wire record holders (remember records?).  The tshirts, since they are color specific by design, I would roll them up and tie a tag around them saying the size and then put those into an old suitcase or traincase.  The jewelry stuff, I thought I could find a cool wire sculpture or something to hang them off of.

So I started my search and found all of the things that I needed and a few other bits as well.

Jewelry display – check.

A super cute little bird cage – $2.99

Train case – check.

it’s a cool deep blue with little metallic flecks in it – $5.99.

Magazine rack – Check.

Last night while looking around ebay, I found the same one for $10 or more.  I got this one for $2.99.

Wire record rack – check.

Again, I saw similar ones last night for around $10.  I got this one for $1.99.  Now the question is, which display do we like better?

Fabric cover for the table – check.

I found these super cute sheets. The red striped one was $4.99 and the red one was $3.99 but because it was a pink tag it was only $1.29.

Then because I’ve been looking for one for a bit, I picked up a sifter, kinda like the one that grandma had… but a little smaller.

Again the tag said $2.99 but because it was a pink tag, I got it for $1.29.

And since I was on a roll, I decided to swing thru the sweaters.  I found a great sweater for $5.99.  I don’t know who keeps donating these sweaters (by Tiara International), but I want to thank you.  I now have 4 Tiara International sweaters.  All were bought at Goodwill and I love all of them.

Grand total – $30 and change after taxes.

Yesterday I finally got my new glasses. I say finally because it took me almost 3 years to get back into the doctor’s office to get my eyes examined. I picked out two new sets of frames.  Here they are.

The top pair are actually kids frames.  I know, probably not something to brag about, but they were much cheaper than the bottom pair – the Ralph Lauren, Chaps line that were on sale for $40 off.

Last week, on Wednesday I started knitting Annis, a small shawlette/scarf.  I apparently needed to take my mind off the week because I finished it up on Sunday.  Here’s a few shots of it (it’s not blocked yet).  Unfortunately the color is a bit off.  The blue is a bit more teal.  It’s a much prettier color than what was photographed.

and here’s a detail shot.