I spent the afternoon down at the Vera Project getting stuff printed up for their DIY Holiday Show on December 12th.  I did the first run of Mrs. Anne Van Horn (or Mrs. Anne Venison, however you want to call her) prints and they came out great.  I had a bit of trouble in the beginning but once we figured out what the issue was, I was off and running!

And of course, I had to print out Mr. Martin Van Horn (or Mr. Thomas Venison, again, however you want to call him).

These prints will be available on the etsy store, at Cake Spy by the end of next week and at the DIY Holiday show on December 12th.

This work week was awful for me.  I’ve been having a hard time feeling like I’m a part of the “team.” And on Thursday it all came to a head.  So being able to come home and work on my business and things that I like doing, has been life saving.  Between the knitting and silkscreening I can come home and slowly decompress after a cruddy day at work.  Today, where all I did was screen print, it was like heaven.  I just wish I could have all the things that I need at my disposal so I don’t have to wait 2 weeks before being able to burn a screen and make another attempt at a design.

That got me to thinking about possibly setting up a studio with several other people and we all share the responsibilities and costs of the equipment.  I’m not really there yet, but it’s definitely something to look into when I really start to get into silk screening.