This weekend was spent sewing.  Along with a few other chores.  Actually I finally got my eyes examined.  It’s been about 3 years since the last time I went.  Besides it being way too overdue, I’ve been wearing glasses from 10 years ago.  So I picked up two new pairs of glasses.  My last pair broke while I was at work… when a box fell on my head and my kick ass Michael Kors glasses took the brunt of the fall.

After getting that taken care of, I spent the rest of Saturday sewing.  I made about 10 little owl sachets.  So by Saturday evening there was a small flock of owls in my house!

I also finished all the pieces for mom’s sweater.  I’m hoping to be able to block it all tomorrow after work so I can start putting it together!

This morning I had to run out to pick up more supplies for more owl sachets.  Then it was off to knitting. For some reason I could not get going with my next knitting project.  So I headed home and got back to sewing.  I made 5 more owl sachets and then 5 catnip toys.  These catnip toys have 1/2 cup of catnip in each one!  I could barely keep my cat away from the sewing machine long enough to sew them up!

The catnip toy and the sachets are up at the etsy store right now!