First, Happy Halloween everyone!

This was the first year in a long time that I haven’t carved a pumpkin.  I guess I was just so busy that I forgot about it.  This weekend I had a small photo shoot thanks to Jim Clark.  He’s awesome.  Hire him.

Here’s the top two that I plan on using for my press kit.

and this one

I guess I feel if I can put a face to a company or small business, I’m more likely to buy from them.  And I’m hoping that other people feel the same way.

Thanks Jim for putting up with me not being the best of models.  I’m not too comfortable having my picture taken.

I also did a little product making.  Or test products really.  I did a little redesigning of the cat toys and used some “high test” cat nip.  I made two for my product testers and put them in my bag.  I went to go brush my teeth and when I came back I found half a cat in my bag.  Apparently Kink seems to think that anything with cat nip is hers. Here’s a shot of the redesigned toy.

I decided to use the pinking shears to fancy up the edges.  The fabric is also tea stained, to give it a more vintage feel.  I also made a sachet out of the same material and filled it with cedar chips, lavender, and clove buds.  The smell of lavender and cedar can be a bit overwhelming but when thrown together they seem to mellow each other out and the clove adds a nice autumn scent to it all.

I did the same treatment to the fabric (tea stained) and the pinking shears edging and just added a ribbon loop at the top so you can hang it in your closet.

I also had a few minutes on Saturday night to work on mom’s sweater.  One sleeve down and one more to go.  Once the second sleeve is done, it’s off to be blocked and then seamed up, knit the collar and it’s all done.  Ok, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, but I can see the finish line on this one.

And now it’s time to give my full attention to Sherlock Holmes.  If you haven’t watched the PBS updated version of Sherlock, you should be watching it.  It’s really well done.