Today was the Cascade warehouse tour and sale.  It was insane.  I bought some yarn that I needed for a future project.  I bought the usual Cascade 220 – but this time it’s superwash! So you can throw it in the washer!  It’s color number 860.  I think I was one of the few who got out of there without having to remortgage the house.  There were woman who were walking out of there with 2 garbage bags full of yarn.  The one thing I thought about was that this would have been a great opportunity to save up some serious money, then plan out all your knitting for the year, and buy the yarn all in one shot.  I have a feeling that that was not how most of the ladies went into this sale.  After awhile I found myself wandering around looking for something else to buy.  And I didn’t need anything else.  So that’s when I stopped running around and left with the $50 of yarn that I had planned for.  All in all it was great fun.  And any time Cascade wants to open up their warehouse, I’m there.