Thankfully the second Percy shawl made it to my aunt.  I was worried that I would have to rip our UPS sales rep a new one for losing another package.  But thankfully it arrived in one piece and in the box it was originally shipped in.  Whew.

I’m still sticking with the running after work at least 2 days a week.  And today was the second day of running.  Runkeeper is having some issues with my route.  It seems to want to keep throwing me in the water.  While I love swimming, the water temperature in Lake Union is not real warm, or even clean for that matter (thanks Gasworks park).  So when I got home I had to remap my route and it turns out I ran roughly 4.58 miles in 49 minutes.  Sweet!  I experienced a little bit of pain but I think it was because I spent the day walking around in the super duper padded sneakers and then switched to my Nikes.  Next time I’ll spend the day in the Vibrams and then run in the Nikes.  I have to say, I’m not experiencing any pain or soreness now.  Which wouldn’t have happened before.

Tonight while watching all my favorite shows, I’ll be knitting up my swatches for class.  I’ve got some yarns I’ve never worked with before.  So it will be interesting to see how I like them and if I would ever work with them again.  I’ll try and post some pictures of them when I get them done.  I’ve got to do 4 different swatches per yarn (if there’s enough yarn).  One in simple stockinette stitch, one in a textured stitch pattern, one in a cable pattern and one in a lace pattern.  That’s roughly 12 – 16 swatches.  Geez!   I should get knitting!