Last night I packed all my running gear and decided that I would run after work. This way I had no excuses.  I work a few blocks away from the Burke Gilman trail.  It’s a great place to run.  There’s enough people on it, that i feel safe when I’m running and it’s runs along the water in a few spot.  It also runs right thru the UW campus.  I decided that I would do my usual interval type training (run 1 minute, walk 1 minute, run 2, walk 1, run 3, walk 1, and so on. when I get to 6 or more minutes that’s when I step it back down – run 6, walk 1, run 5, walk 1.  You get the idea).  I figured I would run for 45 minutes or 5 miles.  Whichever came first.  The 45 minutes came first.  But not by too much.  I use a program on my phone called Runkeeper.  For some reason Runkeeper had me starting at Alki and running across the sound to get back to Fremont.  The sound must have been cold because according to Runkeeper I was keeping a 7 minute mile pace.  When I got home, I remapped it and found that I did around 4.1 miles in 50 minutes or so.  So I’m about a 13 minute mile pace – give or take.  I’m still running with my Nike Free sneakers and I love them.  I think the key for me is that I need the break of walking for a minute.  My knees don’t hurt and I feel like stronger.  I feel like I’ve gotten a workout but I’m not in serious amounts of pain.  We’ll see how Thursday goes.  That’s my next planned run.  Again, I’m aiming for 45 minutes or 5 miles.  Which ever comes first.  And hopefully I will have worked out the Runkeeper GPS issue.  So I can get a better idea of how far I’ve run.