I spent the afternoon over at the Vera Project.  They are an incredible non-profit, so support them with some cash, go see a show there, or just volunteer.

Since i don’t have the space or the money for a full on silk screening set up, I pay for studio time at the Vera Project and burn some screens and if the studio is quiet, I’ll print up some stuff.

Today I walked in there just wanted to burn a screen of Martin Van Horn so that I could do some printing at home.  I ran into a few problems (mainly not having a high enough mesh on the screen) and Bruno the tech there was a huge help.  I think he was starting to take it personally that it wasn’t working properly.  Thank God he got a bit OCD because I was able to walk away with some pretty cool prints. Check ’em out.  And a bit thanks to Bruno for being OCD and helping me out.

and here’s another one

and another one

and another

and one more

and the last one

And of course all of these are up on Etsy and are for sale… just in case you’re doing some early Christmas shopping.

And as an aside, the paper that I printed on is scrapbooking paper by a company called BasicGrey.  I think they are my new favorite company.  The put out some seriously good stuff.  I can’t wait to do some more shopping around their website.