I wanted to do a quick post today.  I got a very nice email from our head Swim Angel (the Bosley of the Swim Angels), Ardis, thanking us for all our work as swim sisters at the Trek women’s triathlon on Sunday.   She also sent us the link to the facebook page with a photo of all of us before we headed out in the water.

Since mom and dad don’t have facebook pages, I thought I would repost it here:

Every time I volunteer to be a swim angel for a race and the alarm goes off the morning of the race… I curse myself for signing up for a 4 am wake up call.  But once i get down to the water and things get going, I love every minute of it.  It’s amazing to me to be able to help someone overcome a fear, or realize the strength they have deep down inside of them that they didn’t know they had.  Hands down, it’s worth the early morning wake up call every time.