I spent a good part of the evening taking photos of the tshirts.  After a couple of hours, they’re now up on the Etsy store and ready to be bought!  So get your credit cards and paypal accounts warmed up and ready to purchase.  I have a limited supply of shirts as this is a test run to see if these babies have legs.

A side note – Gorilla Screen Printing, the folks who printed the shirts for me, are amazing.  If you need to have shirts made, go to them.  They friendly, helpful, local and they do great work.  Not to mention, their pricing is unbeatable.  So thank you Gorilla Screen Printing!  And a special thanks to Mom and Dad.  If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have been able to do the  t-shirts.  And quite literally I wouldn’t be here.

Now, does anyone want to do some website coding? There’s pie and a t-shirt in it for you…   🙂