Last night was a rough night.  I got very little sleep.  It was the first night without the white noise of the tv.  I heard any and all animals moving outside.  Not to mention any tree branches and leaves that fell.  At the very least I got to finish the 6th book in the series of books that I’ve been reading.  They’re knitting related mystery books by Maggie Sefton.  I think there are two more left for me to read and I’m caught up… until a new book comes out.   They’re a quick read and I seem to read them in a couple of days.  I may get the last two for my plane ride back east.

It’s been hard to break myself of the habit of turning the tv on the moment I walk in the door.  I started listening to audiobooks while I’m working around the house.  next on the list of things to listen to is The Blackstone Key.  A book referred to me by my librarian hero Nancy Pearl.  So far, it’s pretty darn good.  Nancy Pearl is good… real good.  I suppose that’s why Archie McPhee’s made an action figure of her.

I’m about to start reading Put Your Life on a Diet: Lessons Learned from Living in 140 Square Feet by Gregory Johnson.  Again, the obsession with the tiny houses continues…

I’ve also been trying to do a lot of pre-planning of meals in the hopes that it will help me from spending extra money on not so healthy fast and easy meals.  I picked up Clean Eating Magazine on Friday because a few of the recipes really sounded amazing.  And when I got the magazine home and really looked thru all the recipes, they all sounded great.  The best part is that most of the recipes are high in fiber and protein.  Two of the things that I don’t get enough of in my diet. So far, all the recipes I’ve made have been great tasting and super filling.

Tonight I made poblano stuffed peppers and whole wheat elbow pasta with sauteed chicken breast, zucchini, onion and garlic with shredded fresh basil and parmesan cheese.  Side note, when cleaning out the insides of the peppers to stuff, I would suggest wearing gloves and not touching your nose or your eyes after.  Dear God!  I think I’ve cleaned out my sinuses as well as my tear ducts from all the “crying” I did.  Life lesson learned, thank you very much.  Aside from the 3rd degree burns to my sinus cavities, the stuffed peppers look great.  And 1 large stuffed pepper is one serving.  I gotta be honest, just looking at a half a stuffed pepper, I already feel full.