I ran with Sally Edwards.  Just me and Sally Edwards.  Talk about something you never thought you’d do… ever.  She is is town this week for the Trek triathlon kick off party.  So Coach Denise decided to shoot her an email and see if she could stop by and answer questions and give the ladies a pep talk.  And she said yes!

Tonight was a bike workout and unfortunately I still haven’t gotten over to the bike store to get my tire replaced.  So I said I could stay behind and watch the gear.  But then, Coach Denise said, “Hey Sally is gonna be stopping by and she wants to go running.  Do you want to join her?”

“Um… ok.” Secretly I’m thinking, “She’s gonna kick my butt.”

So it comes time to get the workout going and we go off on a run and the rest of the crew does their hill repeat bike workout.  It’s go time.  I’ve got to get running with Sally.

We run and chat and I’m helping test some cool stuff for her, which I will not talk about here, but let’s just say it’s cool and I can’t wait for it to hit the market.

She makes it look so easy.  So we run.  And run and run some more.  I feel like we ran a half marathon.  But I’m pretty sure it wasn’t more than 6 or so miles.  We get back to the parking lot where everyone else was finishing up their workout and the last 60 seconds of the workout we were doing is a full out sprint.  When I turned back to see if we were going to sprint, I saw Sally slowing up and  I said, “We’ve still got a minute left.  Are we going to finish it?”

“Sure” she said.  I go into what I feel was Usain Bolt speed, until, out of the corner of my eye, I see her.  It’s Sally cheering me on.  And not breaking a sweat.  I can barely breathe and she’s chatting away like she’s sitting in a adirondack chair watching the world go by.   So Sally, if you’re reading this, if you ever need another tester, feel free to give me a call.  But next time, could you please let me win or at the very least, like I’m way fitter than you?  🙂

I’m off to take a nice relaxing ice bath.  PS – team, I won’t be joining you on the hill repeat run workout on Thursday.  I’ll be at the top of the hill, that I drove up there.  I earned it.  When you run with Sally, then we’ll talk.