Well, this weekend I did my first test run of tshirts and bags.  The part that i thought i would hate the most, I actually liked the best.  That was the burning of the screens.  Perhaps because it’s almost foolproof.  And as I type this I know I just jinxed myself.  The part that I was having a hard time with, was the actual printing.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to find the sweet spot and the right inks, fabrics and squeegee and it will be smooth sailing.

Here’s the finished screens

And here’s a close up of the two to the left.  These are tshirt and totebag designs.

The one with the fists, has “Knit” and “Purl” written on the knuckles.  The one on the right says, “You can have my knitting when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.”

The third screen is a test piece for an idea I have.  I’ll let you know how the experiment goes once I do it.

While knitting is still fresh in the brain, I’m soooo close to being done with Andromeda Shawl.  I finished the last of the “big charts” and with 306 stitches on the needles, I’m thrilled that part is over.  Now I just have 16 mini charts for each of the stair step edges.

And on a completely different note, I started back up running again.  Today after work and before the group training, I went for a small run.  I didn’t wear the vibrams because, well, I forgot them.  I did wear my running sneakers.  I did a kind of progression.  I would run for 2 minutes and walk for 1. Then I would run for 3 and walk for 1. Then run for 4 and walk for 1.  Then run for 5 and walk for 2.  Then I reversed it.  Ran for 5 than walked for 2, ran for 4 than walked for 1…

I felt pretty good.  And I ended up running a 5k in about 36 minutes or so.  Hopefully I can continue on with this.  Maybe pick up the pace and add some more time.  And even a few hills or two 🙂

Oh and Linda, if you want to train for a half marathon, I think I found our race – it’s the Rock and Roll Las Vegas Marathon and half marathon.  The big act at the end of the race is Bret Michaels from Poison!  I think we’re gonna need to see him before he kicks it.  I think he’s on his 7th or 8th life.  He’s only got a few more…