Yesterday I came home after a long day – work, then swimming, then helping with swim training and then home.  Just putting on the wetsuit was exhausting.  But then again, putting on a wetsuit is never easy.  So when I got to my door and saw a box with my name on it, I was thrilled!

So I opened it up as soon as I got in the door.

Minerva Lovegood spoiled me rotten!

I don’t know how she got it all in the box!  Here’s everything that was in the box – the group shot

And here’s the close ups!

I immediately put the socks on, as my feet were still chilly from 3 hours of being in open water (I wasn’t swimming the whole time.  But still I was either floating or standing in the water).

Those are hand-painted ruin stones, chamomile tea, and the coolest fair isle/stranded shawl knitting pattern.

that’s all the yarn I’ll need for the shawl pattern, then 2 necklaces – the cork one, is based on Luna’s cork necklace.  Along with raddish earrings (also a Luna original). some stitch markers, and point protectors and a super cool stranded knitting tool.  And it’s all in the cutest little handmade bag with an even cuter pin on it.  I’ll try and get a better picture of that when the sun comes out again.  I know there’s a ton of things that I forgot to mention.  I’m sorry for that.  I’ve got a bunch of work to do before tomorrow.  So I’ll be off to it.  But I just want to say thank you again to Minerva!  You rock!

Oh and before I forget, I had to purchase a new bird feeder.  Apparently someone put on some weight and when he jumped onto the feeder sent it crashing to the ground.

Saul is now creating a whole new Cirque du Soleil routine for this feeder.  Check out his moves

Or my favorite shot