It’s been a busy week.  I got the etsy site up and running.  Had my first sale (thanks Bill!) and a couple other sales..

This weekend was spent creating more products!

Here’s just a little sneak preview

and some close ups

I’m really liking the bee hive one.

and finally

and one more for good luck

I also did a couple more rings, but I couldn’t get a good shot of them.  The last two photos are of some “charms” that I did.  They’re made out of shrinky dink film.  I coated them in the resin as well to make them  a bit more substantial and I bit more solid.

This afternoon as i was cleaning the house and taking some garbage out, I noticed Kink, at her post.

Apparently she was waiting for her friend to come and spring her from her gilded cage!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this cat in the neighborhood before.  He/she was super friendly and rather vocal.  I gave the poor kitty a treat and he/she didn’t seem interested in it.  So I’ll assume that this little feline friend of Kink’s, has a home and it taken care of.

And after a few choice words at the door (aka a hiss or two) Kink’s friend realized that it was a lost cause and took off.