I’ve been working frantically to try and get my etsy site up and running and hopefully this weekend, it will be, to steal a phrase from Darth Vader, “fully operational.”

I got all my printed stuff yesterday and tried to take a few photos before it started raining.  But unfortunately I had to wait until today to get some good photos of them.

And here they are in their packaging.  There will be 10 in an package.

I also did a couple of test pieces involving resin.  Here’s the ring that I did.

and a piece of shrinky dink film that I printed, shrunk and coated in the resin to give it a softer and shinier feel.  Without the resin, it was somewhat rough and cloudy.

I wish I had this resin before.  It has no smell and so far I haven’t had to do any grinding.  I’ve already had one person interested in the ring.  I was wearing it around to see if the resin could stand up to everyday wear and tear.  And the gal at Starbucks was very interested in it.  So if I can get a better deal on the sterling silver plated adjustable ring part of it, I’ll definitely start selling these again.  They’re a million times easier to do than they were before.  Heck I may even bring the pendants back if I can find the pendant blanks.

And on top of all of that I worked up a couple of designs for part of my Dad’s business cards and I’m half way thru the 3rd chart of the Andromeda shawl.  When it stops raining I’ll take an updated photo of the shawl.  oh and our triathlon training group started up again this past Monday!