Today I told my co-workers that I would be working straight thru lunch so I can get out of work early.  My main goal – the Columbia City Farmer’s Market and the Patty Pan Grill for their veggie quesadilla.  I got to the market around 5ish and did my shopping first – a couple bags of braising greens, some pink lady apples (that tasted like heaven) for apple pie, and this was the splurge purchase, asparagus meyer lemon and dill soup.  Then it was over to the Patty Pan Grill tent for dinner.

I took some pictures of it because it’s amazing and should be seen by the world as a thing of beauty.  And I’m sure my mom and dad, not to mention the rest of my family will probably faint at all the green in it.  I hated anything that was remotely veggie like when I was a kid.  I started to outgrow it when I moved to San Francisco in the mid 90s.  Yeah, I can hold a grudge.

that’s the side view.  Here’s a view of the inside of this bad boy.

I watched them throw the veggies on the grill and I could only pick out a few of them.  I know there are some carrots, bok choy (at certain times of the year), I think some spinach, collard greens, and maybe some kale.  There was something red, which could have been a beet, I’m not sure.  This is one veggie mix that I will never be able to figure out.  And I think if I did, it still wouldn’t taste the same if I were to make it at home.

I ran into my landlord and their two little boys.  When I said hi to the oldest (he’s 5 now, I think) he said, “Um, my name is Metal Man.”  This kid is a comedic genius.  The other day when he and his dad were down here fixing the washer, he ran up to me and said, “Hey Becky.  We’ll have this fixed in a minute for you.”  I can’t tell you how much I love this kid.  If I ever do stand up comedy, I’m gonna run all my stuff by him first.

When I was walking back to the car, I heard a gal say, “Hey! February Lady.”  I happened to be wearing my February Lady Sweater and I looked over at the gal and her friend.  They waved and I said, “I didn’t think anyone would recognize a knitting pattern from across the street!” They laughed and made their way to the market.