Happy Mother’s day to my mom, all my friend’s moms, and all my friend’s that are moms.

I spent the weekend planting.  Yes, I did some planting last weekend.  But I had to finish it up this weekend.  I got another earthbox kinda cheap, thanks to a coupon or two.  So I decided to get some yellow squash, zucchini, brazing greens, beets and a mesculin salad mix.  I also bought some edible flower plants – pansies and nasturtiums.  I also bought some basil and some dill to go in the pot with the out of control hot and spicy oregano plant that I got last year.  I also got a few other little annuals and perennials to fill it all out.

Here’s the tour of the garden.

The two peonies are now planted.

Off to the left of the peony duo, there’s a small planter with cat nip and some impatiens in it.  Hopefully this will make all the cat in the neighborhood happy.

and to the right of the peony duo is my Easter Island planter.  That was the best planter purchase ever.

Then I moved the tomatoes over to the sunnier side of the garden.  I also some red mulch cover specific for tomatoes.  That and I hope it keep Saul from digging in the planters.

The peas are on the other side of the adirondack chair.

Then if we look off to our right of the front door, is all my veggies and a few flowering plants.  Here’s the big shot of it.

The first pot, is just a bunch of annuals and perennials in it.

and then we move on to the herbs.  My herbs and the edible flowers have netting on them to keep Saul and his buddies from digging in them.

And then there’s the edible flower planter.

the first earthbox looks like this – with chives, 2 types of kale, spinach and chard.

And the second earthbox looks like this – with beets, yellow squash, zucchini, a brazing greens mix and a mesculin mix.

And lastly we have the Fuschia.  It’s on the shepard’s hook next to the bird feeder.

Here’s the glamour shot of the fuschia.

All in all I’m happy with all the planting.  Now it’s just a waiting game.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to wait out the tomatoes and greens.