Part 1:
Go around your house, outdoors, for a hike, or wherever and take pictures of 5 different plants, herbs, or flowers that might be used in potions.

Make sure to remember your originality marker for these.

Also, include the names of these (if you don’t know their name feel free to make one up) and the description of potential use(s) for each.

4 points for each original picture, 2 points if pictures come from the internet, 1 point for each name, 1 point for each description of use.
Total possible points for this section is 30 points

OK, here’s the originality marker:

Here’s the first plant – rosemary.  A common herb mostly used in the love potions.

Next is peapods.  Not something you would think would be used in potions.  But it is.  It’s used in several  potions that make you tall and thin.

Here’s my favorite the Fuschia plant.  Fuschia is commonly used to help someone change colors like a chameleon.


This next photo is a bit of a two for one – pansies and nasturtium. Pansies are used in clearing up boils and other skin conditions.  While nasturtiums are used to pickle other herbs for potions.

And this one, you see the back of the originality marker, but what you should be looking at is the bright lights chard in the front.  This is commonly used in potions to cut the awful cough medicine taste.

Part 2:
Answer the following potions questions:

1. Sneezewort, scurvy grass, and lovage are used to make what?
A: Allergen Solution
B:Confusing Draught
C: Babbling Befuddlement
D: Wandering Agent

2. Porcupine quills are to be added when to a Boil Cure Potion?
A: It is the second ingredient you add
B: Before it is removed from the fire
C: You don’t add them, they aren’t part of the potion
D: After it is removed from the fire

3. What potion, if brewed correctly, should change color numerous times throughout brewing including deep purple, lilac, and finishing clear?
A: The Draught of Living Death
B: Amortentia
C: Calming Draft
D: Elixir to Induce Euphoria

4. This ingredient in the Draught of Peace, would likely bring you permanent peace since it is poisonous, what is it?
A: Murlap
B: Belladonna
C: Mugwort
D: Hellebore

5. Chopped daisy roots, skinned shrivel-fig, sliced caterpillar, one rat spleen, dash of leech juice are all ingredients to what?
A: Swelling Solution
B: Deflating Draught
C: Shrinking Solution
D: Sleeping Draught
Each correct answer is worth 10 points each
Total possible points for this section is 50 points

Part 3:
Take a picture of and list the ingredients and/or instructions to make one of your favorite potions that you have created.

This potion must have at the minimum, two ingredients to make it. Be sure to include you originality marker to prove it’s yours!!!

For example it could be something as simple as your favorite coffee (with sugar or creme), or it could be an alcoholic mixed drink concoction that you have created. Your potion could also be an actual potion, oil, salve, or something else that you use as well.

OK, here it is:  You take 2 caramel rice cakes and some low fat cream cheese…

put them together and you have, what I call – hunger fighter cake.  I think the name explains what it does.