My homework for the HSKS 10 is for my transfiguration class.   I decided to post them all in one post, to make it easier for my transfiguration teacher to grade.  That and I forgot to show my originality marker.

So here’s the originality marker –

This red glove will appear in all the photos.  All but the rock cake photos.  I took those photos on my walk to knitting and didn’t have my gloves with me.

Ok, so we’ll start with the rock cake and get that out of the way.

Here’s what we started with.  You average everyday rock.

Then after carefully aiming my wand and saying “cake-ify!”

I ended up with this lovely cake.  Note the candles that look suspiciously like flowers.

next we move on to the Bowtruckle.

I started with nothing but a twig and some brass wire.

after carefully rehearse the wand flick, I said, “twigus awaken!” and flick!  A bowtruckle.  But he was a bit surly and ran out to the rosemary bush where he felt a little bit better.

We  move on to the golden snitch.  I started with some felt and some yarn.

Fortunately  this is easier than trying to catch a golden snitch – all i said was “gold rushus flyith!” and there was my very own golden snitch.

after that I tried my hand at turning my tea cup and some felt into a nose biting tea cup.

with a little “Incisor bitus” charm, I ended up with this mean looking mug.

I decided to try a rememberall.  Since I’m always losing things.  I started with some fleece and a plastic packaging thingy.

with the “wheredidiputthatdarnthing” spell, I got my very own rememberall.  Shortly after taking the picture of it, I lost it.

after that I turned my attention to a decoy detonator.  I used a small box, an almost empty cone of yarn, an ikea hex key, and an ear paper clip thing.

I used the annoyous humanus charm and got my very own decoy detonator

onto the time turner.  This one was a little bit tougher.  I used my watch/heart rate monitor and an outdoor candle holder.

I used the Tardis DrWhois charm and got this rather old fashioned and bulky time turner.  On the plus side, it also tells me what my heart rate is as I’m moving around in time.

And the last item is the spectre specs.  I used my fancy sunglasses, some flowers and some gold ribbon.

and using the “fashionista opticus” spell, I got a pair of fashion forward spectre specs!