It’s that time of year… The new HSKS swap has begun.  Our first assignment is:  So this week your assignment is to list the 3 characters you like for your character kit and tell us why you chose them, why they appeal to you, what qualities they have that you admire, etc.  This will also give your spoilers an opportunity to see what it is you like when they are making decisions on what to include in your character kit.

So here it goes.  The characters I chose were Luna Lovegood, Hedwig, and Fawkes.

Luna is so ethereal. She knows who she is and likes herself, which is hard to do sometimes.  She’s got her own style, she’s loyal and she’s so even tempered, nothing really seems to rile her.  She’s got her quirks but you just have to really admire her for not letting anything really change the good person she is inside.

Fawkes the phoenix.  I suppose this is the character I most relate to.  I’ve had to start over a couple of times.  For years I suppressed how I felt about where I was in life and not being where I thought I would be at this time in my life.  And it finally all caught up with me.  I fell apart and rebuilt myself from the ashes.

Hedwig, Harry’s owl. I think I like Hedwig because he’s the first gift he gets from his new wizarding family.  It’s Harry’s first link to who his parents really were.  She’s a loyal creature and she sometimes let’s Harry know what she thinks of what he’s doing.