A lot of knitting, cooking and baking. The cooking was a lasagne. My friend’s girlfriend had knee surgery today, so I thought I would make a a lasagne so they could focus on getting her home from the hospital and dealing with all of that.
The baking was scones… again. This time I tried making a savory scone – rosemary cheddar bacon scones. They came out alright, but I think I could have used a bit more of something. But all in all they looked pretty good and tasted alright. I think if you warm them up a bit and throw a bit of butter on them, they’d be alright. Here’s their glamour shot.

Then the knitting…

I’ve finished the Saroyan shawl.  Here’s the finished piece.

And here’s the little pink monster with her cute little outfit on.

She’s on her way to her new friend as we speak.

And then there’s Percy.  I finished chart A and I’m almost half way thru chart b.

Here’s a few shots of what it looks like so far.

and another shot

and then I decided to finally hang some vintage tea towels that were hand embroidered.  I had the perfect spot for them.  Over the sink.

There’s three more that I need to frame and they’ll go to the right of the sink.

And finally don’t forget to vote for the next shawl I do.