I’ve been working on my next lace project – the Percy Shawl. It started out a bit rough.  I had to frog the set up rows I did.  For some reason, one side of the shawl was wrong and the other side was right.  Since I wasn’t that far from the start, I decided to frog it and start again.  After that, it went great.  I got thru the set up rows and finished the Chart A repeats.  Now it’s on to Chart B.  Here’s what I’ve got so far.

and here’s the close up of the lace pattern.

I’m using Habu Textile’s Tsumugi silk yarn and I’m loving it. i have another cone of it and I’m wondering if i want to extend this part of the shawl.  Part of me wants to, the other part wants to do it as it’s written and then perhaps, do another version and add repeats to that one.

I also finished Saroyan.  It was a great, quick knit.  It was a perfect balance to knit opposite Percy.  It didn’t really require too much thought, but there was enough change up o not be boring.  So now that that is done, I’ve got another simple project to work on.  I kinda feel like you need a simple project to work on while you’ve got a lace project going. It gives your brain a bit of a break.  I started working on Killybegs.  Super easy to knit.  The only thing that won’t be that easy is the seaming up of everything.  And  there’s a zipper involved.  I’ve never put a zipper in anything before, so it will be an experience.

I found this neat little knitting project bag on Etsy the other day.  It’s genius.  I use circular needles almost exclusively.  They’re just easier to work with and easier to take on the go.  The problem is that they get caught up in your knitting or in your yarn.  This little bag stops that from happening by putting your needles thru the grommets.