I can’t seem to keep my fingers from knitting.  Once I finished Interlaken I needed another project.  So I decided a quick one would work just fine.  It should at least hold me over until Sunday.  So I picked up the needles and started work on Frances the Charismatic Monster, yet another pattern by Rebecca Danger.  Either, I’m a super fast knitter now, or I have been picking easy patterns, because I started it on Wednesday and finished it on Friday.  I think total hours worked on it were around 6 or so.

And here’s the cute little monster helping out in the kitchen.  Using the new Veg-o-matic.

“I’m sorry, but did I just read, Veg-o-matic?”  Yes you did.  It arrived the other day in fine shape.  Here’s the glamour shot of it.

Now I’ll have to make another pie so that I can use it.

So now that I finished my quick little project, I started another, hopefully quick project.  So far it’s going really fast.

It’s a scarf, small shawl type thing.  Saroyan is the name of the pattern and I’m using Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool.  And I have to say, I wasn’t really expecting much out of this yarn other than it being relatively cheap compared to others.  But it’s actually quite great.  I’ll definitely be using it again.

Here’s what I’ve got done so far after a couple of hours.

The “bumps” on the sides are leaves.  Once it’s done, there will be 25 leaves.  So far, I’ve got 7, which are the increases.  Now I’ve got 11 more leaves in  the straight row section, then another 7 more leaves for the decrease section and I’m done.  We’ll see how much I can get done tonight.  Because tomorrow starts the Percy KAL (that’s knit-along).  Even if I don’t finish Saroyan, tonight, I’ll have something that doesn’t take a ton of focus to work on.