When I got home today, I rushed outside to get the last bit of light so I could get a good shot of Interlaken.  And here she is.  Her glamour shot.

It’s going to be a good size once it’s finally blocked.

And here’s a couple of other pictures that I forgot to upload.  First, it’s the chocolate chip scones.

And, the boys, as I call them.  That’s Toby and Baxter, the two beagles that a co-worker has been dogsitting for about 5 months.  They were finally reunited with their owner.  So I don’t know when I’ll see them again.  They were so darn cute.  Toby is in the back and Baxter is in front.

So now that Interlaken is done and off the needles, what’s the next project?  Well, it looks like it’s going to be Percy.  I’ll use my Habu Textiles tsumugi silk yarn that I got at Knit-Purl when we did the Seattle to Portland Yarn Train.

As a side note, when I come home over the summer, I could be persuaded to head to NYC if I could be assured there would be a trip to Habu Textiles (and the Lomo store/warehouse, several museums and last but not least, Pearl River).