Today was my pie making class.  All I have to say is, take this class.  It was amazing.  Not only is Kate over at Art of the Pie, one of the nicest ladies ever, but she is a fountain of pie knowledge.  This class was amazing.  The pie that I came home with was huge and super tasty.  She taught us how to make one of the best and flakiest crust I have ever had.  Sorry Grandma Beauregard.  Kate may have got you beat with her pie crust.

Here’s a shot of my pie before it hit the oven.

That’s an apple pie, by the way.  And here it is, after baking.

I can’t even begin to describe how easy it was to make this pie.  Ok, it might not have been easy, but Kate makes you feel like you are a pie baking genius.  Pie crust is always the one thing that keeps people from making a pie.  Pie crusts are a fickle beast.  You need to make sure you have praised the pie crust gods enough for your pie crust not to fall apart or be too sticky. Normally, when I make pie crust, I fear having to move it.  It usually will rip or tear.  But today I was moving it around, flipping it over to roll it out on the other side.  At the end of the class you leave with the ability to wow all your friends with your incredibly pie baking skills, a pie or recipes and the secret ingredients for the best crust, leaf lard.  I really can’t say enough good things about Kate, her pie recipes and Art of the Pie.