It seems like this weekend was nothing but knitting.  I started Friday with a bad back and a serious headache.  I ended up not watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.  But I did cast on for the first of two, possibly three, Ravelympics projects.

I decided to start with the Momma and baby monsters.  By the end of the weekend, here’s where I was at:

The knitting is all done for the Momma, and the baby is almost done.  I just need to knit the arms, which will probably be done tonight.  Then all that’s left is to stuff, add the teeth and eyes and they’re done!

Before the Ravelympics started I did a trial run of the Baby Sophisticate pattern.  This one is for Simon.  He asked for green.  Actually his mom said, green would be cool as his wardrobe is lacking green.  I just need to sew the buttons on.  It was a really great pattern to work off of.  It was clearly written and works up fast.

So I decided to do a blue one for little Andy.  I had the yarn in my stash, so I just needed to get some cute buttons.

If things keep going as fast as they are, I’ll be starting this sweater by the end of the week.

And speaking of stash yarn, before I started the Ravelympics, my goal for my projects was to use yarn that I have in my stash, instead of going out and buying more yarn.  It was kinda like going shopping.  I forgot some of the yarn that I bought a long time ago.  I think I must have known that I would be doing lace knitting and I bought a few skeins of Frog Tree Alpaca yarn,

I can’t wait to use it!  And I also found a skein of Blue Moon Geisha yarn.

Perfect for a small shawl or scarf.  It’s starting to look like everyone is going to get  a shawl or a scarf for Christmas this year.

And the Abercrombie sweater yarn was finally dry, so here it is.  Or at least one skein of it.

Once the Ravelympics are over, I think I might try and knit up the Kellybigs sweater.  But who knows.  I may be talked into doing another Percy Shawl.  And I won’t even have to go out and buy more yarn.  It’s all in my stash.  Now it’s just a matter of deciding on what I want to use.