One more day until the opening of the winter games.  Which means I can start my projects.  I’ve decided to do at least one baby sweater – the Baby Sophisticate sweater and then a stuffed animal – The Daphne and Delilah, Momma and baby monsters.  Fortunately I don’t have to buy any yarn because I can use what is in my stash for all of this.  I actually planned it that way, believe it or not.

And the recycled Abercrombie sweater yarn is almost dry.  It’s still hanging up in the shower.

I think I’ll be using this for the Debbie Bliss Kellybigs sweater jacket.  I believe I have enough yarn.  If not, I suppose I work some magic and use some other yarn for a funky trim or something.  But I’ll worry about that after the Olympics.

Here’s a few other shots of another sweater that will be eventually recycled for another purpose.

This sweater is massive.  It’s got a real different pattern to it than what i would have expected for a irish knit sweater.  It’s kinda sad to rip it out, but it’s way too big for me, and there’s a hole in the shoulder.  So it makes it a perfect candidate for a new life.

and here’s a shot of the tag.

OK, and now it’s back to finishing up the test run of the Baby Sophisticate sweater.  Which is super easy.  I may have made it too easy for myself.  But we’ll see.