I finished Ene’s Scarf late last night.  And thankfully, today was a beautiful day here.  Sunny and about 60 degrees out.  So I did a little photo shoot.

and a couple of detail shots

and here’s another close up

and one more big picture, picture.  I still have to block it, so it will grow some more.

All in all I’m really happy with it and will probably make another with a different yarn.  Not that this yarn wasn’t great, but it’s always fun to try another yarn on a pattern just to see how different it will look.

Today I did a little cleaning up and cooking.  And speaking of cooking…

Back by popular demand… more cookbook images!

I know I had some chicken in my fridge from a long time ago that looked like this.  If something like this makes it’s way to your table, don’t eat it.

Well, I have to say, I’ve never thought about cutting up a hot dog and throwing a pickle in the middle of it.  And this photo makes me think I did the right thing in not thinking of doing it.

Just because you smother something in cheese doesn’t make it good.

It may look like a cake, but that’s no cake.  How can I tell?  Well it’s sitting on a bed of greens and there are hardboiled egg slices next to it.  I hope no one was drinking at the party this was served at.  That probaby would have sobered them up but quick.

This lovely dish is called Mock Oyster Casserole.  It’s called Mock Oyster Casserole is because even oysters will mock you if you serve this.  It looks like the wheel of torture.  It may not hurt right then, but it might kill you later.

Sure it’s an awful tasting jelly mold, but look how cute it looks.  It looks like Santa’s hat.

Maybe I’ve been reading too many French Revolution/Napoleonic era novels, but for some reason, this pear dish has a certain “Let them eat cake,” look about it.

What do you do when the raw meat you’re serving doesn’t look appetizing?  Put some racing stripes on it!

“Hey mom!  The cat threw up on our dinner… Oh wait, that is dinner.  I’m going over to Bobby’s house for dinner.”

What could possibly make corned beef better?  Well apparently not putting it into a jelly like substance and serving on top of some strange egg and jelly mix.


Note to parents – do not serve pickles on a stick at a teenagers party.  You’re only asking for trouble.

What in the holy hell is on those orange slices?  They look a little bug like or perhaps even turd like.  They could have crawled out of that strange brown substance that’s in the bowl behind them.  I checked every page of this cookbook and could not find out what the hell those things were supposed to be.

Let me just say this, I don’t want to be living next to the family that has these meals on the table.  Stuffed whole cabbage and peas in a pod, and the “pod” is a slice of bologna.  They could probably blow the roof of the place… literally.  I”m sure that the paint/wallpaper/siding and anything else on the walls would peel right off after that meal.  Not to mention there would be a green haze surrounding the house.

When you server wieners at your parties are they, well, not so fresh.  Fear not housewives!  Try our new Wiener Jar.  Keeps your wienners fresh and tasty all party long.


This one is called Wiener Roast on the Sand Dunes.  Which leads me to believe it didn’t end well for those guys.

And one last one.  And I have to say this one is my favorite.

What do you call a gay man who can’t sit thru a scary movie?

A flaming chicken!  Sorry.  I couldn’t help myself.  Here’s a question, why would you want to serve a chicken that is on fire?  It just doesn’t seem safe.  I suppose you could probably dump one of those jelly mold things right on top of it and put it out.

Ok, that’s it.  I’ve got to finish with my cleaning.

PS  Happy Birthday Dad!