So if you are in Seattle, place your orders now.  I’m going to Voo Doo Doughnuts.  John, would you like a maple bacon bar?  perhaps a memphis mafia fritter?  Just let me know before friday.

And in an effort to be able to eat said doughnuts with a little less guilt, I’ve been doing a bit more exercising.  Yesterday I swam.  I’m pretty sure I had a small parachute tied to my back.  There was no way that swim should have been that hard.

Tonight, I hopped on the bike for 30 minutes or so while watching the first part of the Biggest Loser.  There’s nothing more motivating than that.

I’m also very excited because our little Tuesday night knitting group will be doing a knit-along.  I’ve been wanting to learn how to read complicated lace charts and the one gal is, in my opinion a lace knitting genius.  I told her what shawl/scarf that I wanted to try and she said that she wanted to do that one to!  So while she’s helping me learn how to read charts she’ll be knitting the same thing.  Then a few more people wanted to knit the same pattern.  So it looks like there will be a few ladies in Columbia City sporting the Ene’s Scarf.  Mom, before you say you want one, let me get thru mine first.  I may not make it.

So it looks like the only real yarn that I plan on buying in Portland is going to be for Ene’s scarf/shawl.  But you never know.  I’ve still got a few more days to figure it all out 🙂