I had big plans for this weekend and some how this weekend got away from me.  I spent a fair amount of time winding yarn. All in all the one sweater got me roughly 1500 yards!  I’m not quite sure how I’m going to use it yet.  I don’t think a white sweater is really my thing, so I may end up dying the yarn.  But I don’t have to decide that tonight, so we’ll hold off on any decisions.

I also grabbed another sweater down at Goodwill for $5!  This time it had some color to it.  I put the sweater down to take a picture of it, turned around to grab the camera and this is what I saw:

and then this

followed by her America’s Next Top Kitty Model pose

It was as if the sweater was made with cat nip.  After saving the sweater from something unnatural and illegal happening to it, I was able to grab one picture without Kink in it

Hopefully it will be a good find as far as recycling yarn.

Not to be outdone by Kink’s impromptu photoshoot, Jimbo, the recluse, allowed himself to be photographed in a moment of deep contemplation.

I think he thought he was posing for Annie Leibovitz.

I also tried to plan out what it was that I wanted to get while in Portland for the Yarn train.  There’s a few yarn brands that I wanted but i just haven’t splurged or ordered.  And there are a few patterns that I’d like to pick up.  So I’ve got my list and I’m ready to go.  The wild card is gonna be Powell’s books.  That’s really what I should be planning for.  I’ll probably do that this week.

And tonight for dinner, I had this wild craving.  My dad used to poach eggs in tomato soup every once in awhile.  Something we used to call eggs in purgatory.  Apparently this was something that my grandma used to make but instead of tomato soup, you poached the eggs in tomato sauce.  And everyone I tell this to, does that, “That’s so gross” face.  What do they know?

So after a few clicks of the mouse and a quick look at the Smitten Kitchen website, I found a recipe.  I changed it a bit, but all in all it was tasty.  And a relatively low weight watchers points meal.

So dad, this next picture is for you.  It looks like the dish is smiling at you.