I just got back into town after spending the holidays with my family.  As always I had a great time and I wish I was still there.

Santa spoiled me again this year.  I got the new droid phone!  As well as a gift certificate to one of my favorite LYS, a ceramic pie pan, several kitchen tools, a silicon rolling pin with height guides, the Norah Gaughan Knitting Nature book, a couple of gift cards to Target and Walmart, a pie making class at Art of the Pie, a couple of sudoku books, my kitchenaid mixer (which arrived earlier), 2 lbs of Dunkin Donuts coffee and a whole host of other goodies that my mind is blanking on.

Santa also spoiled Mom and Dad as well.  Mom got an iPod Nano and Dad got a Wii.  After spending most, if not all of Christmas eve and Christmas day trashing talking my Dad, he kicked my butt at Wii bowling.  I’ll be honest, I let him win 🙂  I also showed Mom how to use her iPod and I’m pretty sure she’ll be the iPod queen within the next few days.  She’ll be downloading podcasts, albums and books in no time!

And Kink and Jimbo were also spoiled by their Aunt Marilyn.  She and her kitties bought them some new toys.  As soon as I put them down, that was it.  Now I only seem them as they are flying around the house.

As for the New Year, Well I hope it brings lots of love, hope, happiness and health to me and all my friends and family.

Happy New Year!