Today I went to pick up some food for the kids, and we got a nice little gift bag from All the Best Pet Care.  It had 3 cans of cat food, 2 of Kink’s favorite toys – furry mice, a felted cat nip toy, a ball, a cat food can cover, a cat food scrapper/fork thingy(for getting the food out of the can) a Twist n’ Treat toy (you put a treat in it and they will hopefully work on it to get it out), and a small container of Liv-a-Littles chicken breast cat treats.  Talk about spoiled!  I also had to buy then a new scratching toy.  This one is called the Scratch Lounge.  Kink has always been a fan of the couch or other pieces of furniture instead of a scratching post, but for some reason, she actually uses this one.

Then when I got home, I walked up to my door to find a package for me from Intarsia Bindoff!  I was a like my landlord’s little boy when he sees Jimbo and Kink – squealing with delight!  I opened it to find 2 skeins of my favorite yarn – cascade 220.  One skein is a beautiful heathered moss green the other is a heathered oatmeal color.  (I’m thinking I need to get more of those colors for a sweater, but we’ll have to see …).  Then a skein of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes worsted weight in a color called Mink Heather.  Also quite lovely and I may also have to look into a project so I can buy more of it 🙂  Not one, not two, not three, but 4 patterns!  The stackable kitties from MochiMochiland (and the stuffing,and some brown yarn for the nose and whiskers and some green yarn for the eyes), the Sherbrooke Cowl pattern, the Under the Tree fingerless gloves pattern (and cute little buttons for the eyes of the owl) and the Olive Branch Yoga hoodie pattern!  There was a cool notebook and a small notepad with a robot on it a Doraemon pencil, cute stitch markers (an owl, a ball of yarn with needles in it, and a pair of scissors), a heart shaped tape measure (I seem to be forever losing them!) 2 candy bars – a Yorkie by Nestle and a Cadbury CurlyWurly.  I’m assuming they are not from the US.  Not that it matters…. it’s candy, it’s going to be amazing!  And mystery book called Knit One, Kill Two! I was wondering what I was going to read on the plane ride home and now I don’t have to worry about it!  And most of this came in a cute little handmade bag (that I’ll be using to transport my knitting back east with me for the holidays) that has a magpie on one side and a quote from Jane Austen on the other side (the quote being – How quick come the reasons for approving what we like!).  I am so spoiled!  I love all of it!  I’ll be taking it with me to work so I can take a proper picture of it.  There’s much stuff, I’ve got to have room to spread it all out!

I should get going… I can hear a cat toy skittering across the floor and a poor defenseless paperbag being brutally attacked by Jimbo.