Here’s just a few choice pieces I found over at S_A Steve’s flickr page and

How about something for lounging around the house.

“everyone was kungfu fighting…”  I gotta say, I want one. Not so much the robe, but a man that thinks he looks good with a bushy moustache and a kungfu robe.  Oh and that ridiculous horn necklace.

Or perhaps a little something for the bedroom…

Ok the first, if your husband or boyfriend is wearing a “nightshirt” he better be in a period theater piece or movie.  Only if he was born and raised in the early 1900s or early would it be ok if he was wearing a nightshirt.  And especially if it’s got a hood on it.  Why would you need a hood on a nightshirt?  I’m assuming it’s to hide your embarrassment.

What about something to drive her wild?

Judging from this well thought out ad, I don’t feel as if they are driving her wild so much as perhaps just annoying her a little bit.

Why not go practical?  What about underwear?

I feel like the caption of this ad/catalog page should be “Ever hang around gymnasiums, Joey?”  (Those Airplane quotes never get old)  I wonder if this was taken at the 24 hour fitness downtown.  According to craigslist they have a happenin’ gay men’s scene down there.

OK and this one… well I don’t know how to categorize it.

Where to start…  Oh how about, “Dang!  the Colonel’s got moves like Tiger Woods.”

Or perhaps, ” I knew I had to have her when I saw her chicken legs.”