Sorry it took me so long to get up some photos of Bob.

The first one is of Bob and Kink.  I believe she’s testing the waters, as it were…

I walked away for a minute to give them a chance to get to know each other and apparently Kink really liked Bob because I caught this little stolen moment between the two of them.

After that, Bob let his boughs down and he put on his holiday best.  Here he is in all his glory.

I don’t know if you noticed, but Bob looks a little naked under his boughs.  So I was doing some last minute gift idea shopping.  Just in case you haven’t figure out what you want to get my for the holidays.

The first item is more of a necessity.  I’ve been working on losing weight and my budget is a bit tight, so I can’t really afford to buy new clothes when my old clothes get to be too big.  So I think this product, while being completely fashion forward, would kill to birds with one stone.

Here’s the thing.  She’s totally not wearing this properly.  The suspenders are holding up just the belt.  Kinda defeats the purpose of the belt.  Here’s my thinking behind this invention – If the belt fails, you’ve got a back up plan.  I may buy up cases of these babies and hand them out to all the boys I see walking to school who are holding their pants up with their hands and their asses are still showing.

And since money is tight, I thought perhaps this outfit might also give you some ideas.

First off,  at this time of year, when it gets dark early,the bright yellow of the jumpsuit will make everyone around you aware of where you are at all times.  Also the large black rick rack creates a nice slimming line effect.

I’ve also been wanting to really redecorate my apartment.  I want something that reflects my attitude, lifestyle and personality.  So perhaps you could get me a wall mural.

I gotta say, if the furniture wasn’t in the picture I might have pulled a Road Runner/Wyle E Coyote moment and tried to have walked thru the wall.  I also think the self stick burlap for the walls might be a nice accent piece on a wall as well.  Nothing says comfort quite like the softness of burlap.

And since i have cats, I also want to protect my furniture and keep it clean.  But the slip covers that I’ve seen are all so plan.  Until I saw this…

I’ve always wanted my couch to the have that “polar bear look.”

Let’s move on to the bedroom.  I’ve been wanting to get some new sheets and a matching comforter.  And when I found these, I feel in love with them.

I can’t decide if these say “white trash” or “alcoholic.”

That should at least get you started.  I’ll try and find a few more for you tomorrow.