Yesterday I spent Thanksgiving with some close friends of mine and their family.  I have been blessed with such great friends and their families take me in as, I like to call it, the foreign exchange student from the other side of the country.  I had a great time and got to spend some more quality time with their little baby boy (he’s all of 2 months old and super cute).  As I was having a great time at my Thanksgiving dinner, my family back east, was experiencing something completely different.

My aunt had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of lung cancer a month or two ago.  She had unfortunately lost her battle with cancer on Thanksgiving.  My aunt was truly a great person.  She had the best sense of humor and was one hell of a cook.  We will all miss her greatly and I know that she’s up in heaven with her family and my grandparents.  I’m sure her and grandma are looking down on us and wondering why can’t one of us make a decent pie?  And I know that she is making everyone in heaven laugh.  We’ll miss you Aunt Jean.