I don’t think I’ve ever written this much before in my life.  In two days I’ve got a word count of 3973!  Only 46,027 words left.  What the heck… I’ll try and knock that out this weekend.  Yeah, probably not.  But I am having fun with this and it’s definitely pushing my creative limits.  Hell after this, I’m gonna write a stand up comedy routine.  That’s right Mom… get ready.  All our family secrets will be dragged out of the closet (I’m talking to you, Dad’s boyfriend) and made fun of for all to laugh at.

But honestly, I think this month will be filled with running, writing and reading.  I see very little knitting in November.  It seems like it will only happen on Tuesday evenings.  Unless I skip out to go to a NaNoWriMo write in.

Since I’ve already written over 1950 words this evening, I’m going to close with my favorite news story of the past week, Judge Hecht is resigning as a superior court judge. He felt that, “in order to uphold the integrity of the court system of which I feel strongly about, I do not believe I have any choice but to resign.” And that he intends to “to keep fighting to reverse this injustice and reinstate my good name. But I will do that independently of attempting to remain on the bench under the current situation.”  I’m sorry, am I to understand that this vending machine soup loving, prominent cyst having, fat ass diabetic with a skin condition was still getting paid up until recently?  And am I also to deduce that he thinks he’s innocent?  I need to know, what’s is that parallel universe like?  Am I a super rich super model and Aaron Peirsol(he’s the one in the middle) is my husband?  Because if that’s the case, then count me in.  Just tell how to get there.