1-Where’s Winnie game! OK so from what i can gather, Winnie started her trip over in New Zealand.  Dunedin… Larnarch Castle, I believe.  Then from there, she headed back over to grab some fresh maple syrup.  And if you ask me, it ain’t maple syrup unless it comes from vermont.  I think she stopped by Burlington Vt, the Dakin farms.  I have a feeling that’s not where she is, but, like I said, if it’s not Vermont maple syrup, you need to put it down and walk away.

2-Teaser for your spoilee! Ok, here it is…


Wait… what the heck is that?  You’ll find out soon enough 🙂

3-Your first Quidditch experience. Well, I’m apparently not real great at Quidditch. But I’ve got heart.  The first time I played I was way too slow and I was on one side of the pitch by the time the snitch and the rest of my team was at the other end. Even though I was 6 steps behind my team was so encouraging and cool, that I had to keep trying.