I just ordered my Vibram classics.  They should be here in a week or so!  I went to REI and they didn’t have my size.  I tried them on and I can see there’s going to be a bit of getting used to it.  It took moving of toes to get them into the right spots.  But once they were all set, they were really comfy.  It really was like being barefoot with a little bit of protection on the sole.  I can’t wait to give them a real life try.

Also,  I just wanted to post this link:  Norawas de Raramuri.  It will live on the left side of my blog.  If you can please donate to them.   This is the non profit that Caballo Blanco started and he spoke about when I saw him speak a couple days ago.  Even if it’s only $5.  Every little bit helps.

If this half marathon goes well, I may start up the one race a month challenge on January 1st.  If I do, I’ll try and set up a donation type deal.  For every race I run, donate a couple of bucks to Norwaras de Raramuri.    Besides, if you donate think of the karma points.  You’ll get the parking spot right in front.  Perhaps, you’ll get out of that speeding ticket.  Or you may even win the lotto (Grandma Buck I’m gonna need you to work your magic on that one).