At work we’ve been listening to (not really reading.  My bosses would frown on us reading instead of working) Born to Run:  A  Hidden Tribe, Super Athletes, and the Greatest Race the World has Never Seen by Christopher McDougall.  This book is fascinating.  Since I’m training for the Seattle Half Marathon it seemed appropriate to listen to this as inspiration.  The author starts off with a simple question – Why can’t I run without pain?  And it goes from there.  Having been one of those who always seem to have pain while running, I wanted the answer to that question as well.  He then heads to Mexico and the Copper Canyon to research the Tarahumara tribe – who run in huarache sandals! Which then leads him to the Leadville 100 race in Leadville Colorado.  We’re barely thru half the book and while I won’t be doing any running in sandals or barefoot running just yet, these shoes are intriguing to me.  And I might head down to REI and see if I can try them on.  Just to see what they’re like.  It’s like they are a protective glove for your foot.  Amazing!