Jen, you know I love you, but I blame you for Kink.  I came home from swimming and started to run a bath.  Because, quite frankly I’m a bit chilled after swimming, so a hot bath does the body good.  I get in the bath and that’s when Jimbo and Kink come in.  My bathsuit was on the floor and I look over and notice Kink… huffing my bathingsuit… the crotch of my bathsuit.  I yell her name and she lifts her head up and now she looks like some drunken frat guy wearing women’s underwear on his head.  Jen, the next time you decide to pick a cat out, I’m going to insist on a psych evaluation sheet on the animal.

And now onto the training.  Yesterday I was hurting.  Apparently I keep all my stress and tension in my shoulders.  And when I run that’s when it makes it known that I have some stress.  So I decided to take a day off and recover.  Today was the make up day.  I did around a 4 mile run and a half mile easy swim.  It actually wasn’t bad.  I can’t say that I love running, but it’s tolerable.  Tomorrow is a long run – 7 miles.  I think I may need to get a new pair of running shoes this week.  I have a feeling the miles are my current sneakers are pretty high up there.

Tonight I’m just gonna take it easy.  Hopefully I can finish the sleeve for the French Braid Sweater.  Here’s what I’ve got done so far.  It’s the body to the under arms.  Then I need to do the sleeves and attach them and from there, hopefully it’s just a few short hours of knitting and then I can wear it!