It was a long week.  I think because I had to go into work on Monday… and found a small flood in our warehouse.  That was really the only bad part of the week.  But for some reason the rest of the week dragged like a toddler’s favorite blanket on the long walk to bed.   So tonight when I got home, I decided to just dig and clean the house.  I mean, clean the house.  The kitchen is done.  The living room is almost done (just gotta vacuum and do a little dusting).  the bathroom just need a bathtub cleaning and the floors washed and the bedroom has not been started yet.  The plan for the rest of the weekend is as follows:

  • Finish up the bathroom
  • Start and finish the bedroom
  • Finish the living room

And then the real fun starts…

The next step is to go thru the “craft closet.”  I’m going to be destashing a bunch of craft stuff that I just don’t use.  And fortunately for me, I’m doing it at the perfect time because there’s going to be a big destash consignment sale in October!  I’d like to have the closet cleaned up and organized by the end of the weekend.  Preferably by the end of the day, but we’ll see how that goes.  I’ve also got a run or two to Goodwill tomorrow too.  (I’m also going thru all my clothes.  I’ve got way too many items of clothing…)  If I do all this in a timely fashion and don’t get sidetracked, hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy Sunday by sitting in my adirondack chair doing nothing but knitting and sudoku.  Dare to dream…