I live in a kinda strange area of town.  There’s this strange border somewhere between the up and coming part of town and the economically depressed area of town.  I live in South Seattle just off of one of the main arterals thru town.  I love where I live but I see a lot of families that are on food stamps and have a very restricted amount of money to try and feed everyone in their family.

I see what they have in their shopping carts and am amazed at all the crap that they picked up.  In a way, it’s not really their fault.  the crap food is the cheapest and for a good reason.  It’s not real food – it’s processed and usually not high quality.  It’s sad.  This got me wondering if it’s possible to eat healthy good food for very little money.  I’d like to try.  Fortunately I am meeting with my nutritionist tomorrow after work to see if it’s really worth trying to do.  Mom – I won’t do anything drastic.  It’s just a matter of cutting down my grocery bill.  I’ll talk to the nutritionist as to what things that I should make sure that I have and won’t be a part of the weekly budget.  There’s a lot of ground rules to figure out.  If it turns out to be too crazy of an idea, that means that we need to rethink how we help out those in need, eat healthy.